SpokAnimal closes dog area for 10 days after 5 puppies contract parvo

SpokAnimal closes dog area for 10 days after 5 puppies contract parvo
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SpokAnimal has closed its dog area after five puppies contracted parvo.

Those infected puppies were adopted out by SpokAnimal at the Northwest Pet Expo on March 30.

5 puppies that were adopted out by SpokAnimal at the Pet Adoption Expo came down with parvo days later. The shelter is now working with the owners to get them taken care of. All are alive and SpokAnimal has closed its dog area for 10 days for deep cleaning. #kxly pic.twitter.com/JqIMfFw7YJ

— Drew Reeves (@DrewReevesKXLY) April 5, 2019

SpokAnimal says all the dogs were checked by a veterinarian just days prior to the event.

“They were cleared by our veterinarian last Friday, before the pet expo to go and be adopted,” said SpokAnimal Executive Director Dori Peck.

However, Peck says the animals are not tested for parvo. She says that is because the virus will not show up unless symptoms are already showing.

“If they don’t have any signs and symptoms, it’ll be a negative test. So, it’s not going to do any good to do that for each and every one before they leave they building, because it won’t show positive,” Peck said.

All the dogs are alive, and Peck says one-by-one they’ve been getting better and are going back home with their new owners.

The shelter will take 10 days to do a deep clean of the dog area. The shelter is also working with the owners to make sure the puppies are taken care of.

“We gave just had so much support from everyone reaching out and I want to say thank you. And I want to say I am so sorry for any of this. Obviously, we do not want this to happen and we will do anything to stop it,” said Peck.

Parvo is a potentially deadly virus that causes a gastrointestinal illness in puppies and dogs. Symproms include vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy. SpokAnimal says all dogs should be vaccinated for the virus, but if you do believe your dog may have parvo, get them tested right away.

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