Spokane’s weather radar being turned off during upgrades

SPOKANE, Wash.– An important tool to track weather in the Inland Northwest will be shutting down for one week.

The National Weather Service says the Spokane weather radar will be shut down while upgrades are installed.

These upgrades include a new generator unit, fuel tanks, and electrical connections between the generator and the radar.

According to the National Weather Service, this upgrade will allow the radar to keep operating during power outages, usually caused by severe weather.

The shutdown begins Friday, January 20th, and will go to the following Friday, January 27th.

radar outage from January 20-27, 2023 in Spokane, WA


In the meantime, it will be harder to see what’s happening with our local weather.

Other radars in Western Washington, Western Montana, and Northeastern Oregon will give us partial coverage. For areas far away from other radar sites, like Northeast Washington, the Idaho Panhandle, and the greater Spokane area, the radar may show up empty when it’s snowing outside.

So if you’re looking at your 4 News Now weather app and don’t see anything on radar, now you know why.

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