Spokane’s golf courses open for the season

It’s a sign of warm weather and longer days to come! The City of Spokane is opening its golf courses for the season.

Both Downriver and Esmeralda are already open. And starting today, you can add the Creek at Qualchan to the list. Our Caroline Flynn is live there all morning on Good Morning Northwest today.

They offer a free on-course app that helps you to figure out yardage for each shot, and helps you decide where exactly you’d like to hit the ball to.

And, there will soon be new wheels to help you get around!

“New golf carts are on their way right now, so we’ve got a new high-efficient, low, quiet gas cart that should be here by the first of April that will really reduce the noise when you are out playing on the course,” said Mark Gardner, Director of Golf for The Creek at Qualchan.

If you want to get the most bang for buck this golf season, Gardner says it is wise to get the 4-city course discount card that saves you seven dollars every time you play.

For seniors, the pass will save $9.