Spokane YMCA announces free membership for 7th grade students

Spokane YMCA announces free membership for 7th grade students

The Spokane YMCA announced that all students entering 7th grade will have free access to all their facilities, starting September 1. This initiative will last until August 31, 2020.

Students will have access to the Climbing Wall and Skate Park at the Valley Y, all aquatic centers, Gymnasium and Wellness Floors and group exercise classes.

“It’s deeply important that kids are getting involved in both a healthy lifestyle where they’re learning how to work out, and it’s important for them to have a place where they can come hang out – like at the teen center where they can have a safe space where they can be with their friends and make new friends,” said Adam Swensen, a team leadership coordinator with the YMCA.

Students will also get discounts on selected programs.

Kids can sign up by visiting any local YMCA and filling out a membership application with their parent or guardian along with bringing their school ID or some form of proof they are about to go into the 7th grade.

“We understand the challenges youth face during adolescence and the need for supportive role models to help them during this time, and beyond,” said Christine Brischle, Vice President of Membership Operations for the YMCA of the Inland Northwest. “The YMCA provides a safe space for pre-teens to build character, engage in healthy activities and build meaningful relationships with peers and caring adults. Our goal is to encourage teens to maintain and/or adopt healthy habits to last a lifetime.”

The YMCA reports that 7th grade is an especially critical time in a person’s life, as exposure to risk factors greatly increases. They hope to give kids an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in healthy activities and a safe environment.