Spokane working to open public pools for summer, but with restrictions

SPOKANE, Wash. -As temps head into the 80’s this week, a swim at the pool might be crossing your mind.

You might also be wondering if that’s even possible and what sort of restrictions will be in place.

The City of Spokane’s Parks and Recreation Department ha already seen a 30% decline in revenue. They’ve already had to cancel several programs involving sports, outdoor recreation, and art classes because of the coronavirus.

As a result, they’ve had to narrow down which programs they’d like to offer this summer — if they’re able to.

Their main focus is bringing back day camps and opening up swimming pools, but there will be restrictions. As of right now, they’d only allow 50% of their normal capacity for each activity.

They’d also have employees working to enforce social distancing of at least six feet.

“2/3 of our staff is not with us right now. We’re running at about 1/3 of our normal capacity in Parks and Recreation,” said Garrett Jones, Director of the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation.

This means their budget for this summer is looking a lot smaller. However, they’re determined to come up with a plan.

Spokane County is also working to figure out if they can open up public pools. Both the county and the city said they should have answers in the coming weeks.

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