Spokane woman isn’t letting a shattered leg injury stop her from doing her 31st Bloomsday

SPOKANE, Wash. – Nearly 28,000 people are taking part in Bloomsday this year, the first one back in full force since the pandemic. There are so many stories that could be told of those joining the yearly tradition.

For Krista Morrow, crossing that finish line on Sunday will be a big deal.

“Better than any other year, I think,” Morrow said.

Sunday will be Morrow’s 31st Bloomsday, running in the race since 1991, and she has all the finisher shirts to prove it. Morrow said she started racing with her parents when she was six, as they chased her through the crowds.

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Since then, Morrow has been taking on that tradition. Year after year, she’d train for the annual race, always looking forward to it.

However, this year, training didn’t happen like usual. One day in January, Morrow fell on ice, shattering her lower leg bones and fracturing her ankle. Morrow said she had to get surgery and was in the hospital to recoup after that.

“I always joked that I’d be doing Bloomsday in a wheelchair someday, but now it’s actually come true,” she said.

Since her leg injury, Morrow has been going to physical therapy, trying to walk and get back to where she was. She still isn’t walking as normal, however. She told 4 News Now she can walk three miles on a single crutch.

That’s what she’ll be doing for the Bloomsday run on Sunday.

“I’m going to do what I can and I have some friends that will help me out in a wheelchair for the rest of that,” she said.

When she told her physical therapist and friends she was going to participate in Bloomsday, Morrow said they thought she was crazy. But she’s not letting anything stop her from enjoying the yearly tradition.

“It was a lot. It’s been a rollercoaster, up and down,” Morrow said a bit emotional. “Thank goodness for the help I have had, and I think crossing this weekend in Bloomsday is kind of the time for me where I know it’s going to end at some point.”

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