Spokane Valley: We aren’t voting on a proposal to split Washington in two

Spokane Valley: We aren’t voting on a proposal to split Washington in two
City of Spokane Valley Twitter 
Credit: City of Spokane Valley Twitter 

Despite a report in Monday’s Seattle PI, the City of Spokane Valley’s city council will not be voting on a proposal that would split the state of Washington in two. That’s according to a news release sent by the city’s public information officer Tuesday.

The release references an article Monday that says the city would vote on the proposal in the new year. The article calls it “the first tiny bit of traction for Liberty, an idea pushed by State Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, when he isn’t visiting militia encampments or circulating a ‘Biblical Basis for War’ including rules for a ‘Holy Army.'”

The article, written by Joel Connelly, says the city council wants its staff to evaluate economic impacts on Spokane and Eastern Washington before voting on the measure.

The problem, according to the city? There’s no vote planned and no proposal on the table.

“We don’t know where this information came from, but it’s certainly not grounded in any fact,” said Mark Calhoun, city manager. “This came as a complete surprise to us and to our council. It’s unfortunate that a publication would publish something of this nature without checking with us. It detracts from the real work the city is doing to improve transportation, business development and economic expansion of our region.”

Connelly has since written a retraction of his original story, admitting to the error. The original story, also includes a correction.

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