Spokane Valley Farmers Market returns Friday, June 3

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- Population: 25,592

- Homeowners: 93% of the population

- Renters: 7% of the population

- Median household income: $114,521

A former farming community named for former President of the United States James Madison, Madison offers such community mainstays as movies on Main Street, a men’s coffee group, an arts center, exercise classes, and the Simmons Arboretum. A summer farmers market on Main Street showcases local fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and more. The original community of Madison Station, which developed along a railroad track 10 miles from Jackson, the state capital, was destroyed during the Civil War.

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SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — The Spokane Valley Farmers Market will open on Friday, June 3. 

Every Friday from June 3 to September 16, live music, food, art and more will be available for people to buy products and enjoy what comes with a farmers market.

Starting this Friday, it will be the first of three food truck nights. Partnering with Greater Spokane Food Truck Association,  Mixed Plate Food Truck, Meltz Xtreme Grilled Cheese, Crepe Café Sisters and other food trucks will be on display. The other food truck nights will happen on July 8 and August 12. 

Live musical performances from DIGaddie, Suhanna Cree, and the University High School Brass Band are set for Friday, June 3.

A beer garden will be on display as well, hosted by Le Catering Co. featuring Mountain Lakes Brewing. It will be on the West Lawn Plaza at Centerplace.

A Harry Potter-themed farmers market will take place on July 29. To close the farmers market season, an early Halloween-themed farmers market will be on display on Sept. 16. Other themed markets will be announced on the social media account @spokanevalleyfarmersmarket. 

The farmers market runs from 4-8 p.m.

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