Spokane Valley Considering Couplet Proposal

SPOKANE VALLEY — The City of Spokane Valley is considering a plan to revitalize the Sprague – Appleway corridor.

The plan calls for returning the roads back to two way streets and creating a large city center. Neighbors had a chance to tell city council members what they think of the plan at a public hearing Tuesday night at CenterPlace.

The Sprague – Appleway revitalization plan – or SARP – calls for the area to be redeveloped into a city center, with a new city hall, shops, restaurants, and residential and office space. The idea is to create a downtown for the Valley that it currently lacks.

Dozens of people turned out to center place in Spokane Valley Tuesday night to tell the city council what they think of the city’s proposed plan for the future. There is a feeling the Sprague – Appleway corridor needs significant redevelopment.

The plan creates new building zones with rules about how buildings could be designed, where signs would go and where businesses could be positioned on properties. The proposal also calls for changing Sprague and Appleway back into two way streets again. Residents shared mixed reactions to that idea.

“I urge the council and committee to turn it back to two way streets,” Jack Ripley said. “We’ve had five years, and it isn’t working for anybody.”

“I’m in favor of Sprague and the couplet remaining the same only extending it to Missoula,” Glenn Kivett said. “I don’t want the thing changed one iota.”

“I’ve survived a one way couplet and it hasn’t been easy, and whatever you do to make it a two way would be helpful,” Jack Barnhart said.

“We just don’t see the logic of spending millions of dollars to undo work that’s already been done and seems to be working,” David Gnotta said.

Several people raised concerns about the SARP down zoning property, meaning certain businesses couldn’t locate at certain spots along the corridor.

The City Council says it has not decided to pass the SARP and could change parts.