Protesters in Spokane gather to speak out against Gov. Inslee’s vaccine requirements

SPOKANE, Wash.– Crowds filled the streets of downtown Spokane on Friday to protest Governor Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate for state, school and health care workers.

Under Inslee’s mandate, anyone who is required to get the shot must be completely vaccinated by Oct. 18 or they could be fired from their jobs. Some people are willing to take that chance.

“We’re being forced to get the vaccine if we want to keep our job. I’m going to be without a job on October 18 because they’re forcing this upon us,” said Richelle Johnson, a dental assistant.

Johnson says she believes in vaccines, but doesn’t think they should be pushed on her.

“I’m here personally because our freedom of choice is gone,” she said.

Jenifer Ward, a nurse at a local outpatient clinic, said she thinks the government is overstepping and not enough studies have been done as far as the vaccine’s side effects.

“I support people that are vaccinated and I support the individual choice to be vaccinated, but I would like to make my own personal choice to be vaccinated or not,” Ward said.

Johnson said she might have gotten the vaccine if it had been fully approved by the FDA.

But, the emergency use authorization still follows a detailed process that ensures safety. The difference between full approval and emergency use authorization is the amount of time that’s passed and how much data is available.

“We need to have the freedom to choose,” Johnson said.

People can claim medical or religious exemptions, which Ward said she is going to try and do.

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