Spokane Tribe Casino set to open Monday

Spokane Tribe Casino set to open Monday

Are you feeling lucky? The Spokane Tribe of Indians Casino is set to open a 38,000 square foot casino on Monday, January 8th in Airway Heights.

The Spokane Tribe Casino will feature 450 slot machines and 12 gaming tables. A full service restaurant and bar are also included in the new building. Spokane Tribal Chairwoman, Carol Evans said the tribe has been working on making this casino a reality for almost three decades. The tribe overcoming political and legal battles to make the casino a reality.

“It means a lot for our tribe,” said Carol Evans, Spokane Tribal Chairwoman.

“This is actually on our historical home land and this very land here, West Plains is where we fought one of our few wars in 1858, the Plains War. And so coming full circle we are back in our historical home land, opening a casino, it is a very historical and important day for our Spokane tribal people,” said Evans.

The casino will open at 7 p.m. on Monday, January 8th. The casino is currently hiring for most positions. For more information: https://www.spokanetribecasino.com/