Spokane teen with brain cancer fulfills more bucket list items

SPOKANE, Wash. – Sixteen-year-old Jaden Baer crossed off a few more items from his bucket list, as he goes through radiation in Seattle.

Jaden was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on February 20. Since going to his appointments in Seattle, doctors have changed the severity of his case, saying the tumor isn’t growing as fast as they thought.

He is on his third week of radiation and is now taking chemotherapy pills to hopefully shrink the tumor to be able to have surgery. They won’t know if it’s possible to remove it until radiation is done.

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Since finding out about the cancer, Jaden created a bucket list.

On that list, he wanted to meet Youtube sensation JackSepticEye. When 4 News Now first did the story, JackSepticEye tweeted back saying he’d make it work.

Just last week, the two talked via FaceTime. Jaden still hopes to meet him in person one day.

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Another item he crossed off the list was to shoot a sniper rifle. He did that on March 20 with his family.

Jaden will be in Seattle for radiation until the end of April. His family says radiation is going well.

You can check out more of Jaden’s list here.

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