Spokane teachers to hold informational picket

Spokane teachers to hold informational picket
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With negotiations between the Spokane teachers union and Spokane Public school stalled, teacher and school employee are set to picket Thursday.

According to the Spokane Education Union, school districts across Washington are negotiating significant percentage pay raises this summer because of the Washington Supreme Court’s McCleary court case.

The union says Spokane Public Schools offered a 3.1 percent raise.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, SEA President Katy Henry said, “”We thought negotiations were moving forward but talks stalled yesterday and our members are starting to feel very frustrated, There is more than $2 billion dollars going to districts across the state because of the McCleary ruling. Spokane Public Schools is receiving $22 million in additional funds for certificated staff compensation and over $7.7 million in additional funds for classified compensation.”

Spokane Public Schools says the McCleary decision impacts each district differently.

“We are going to continue to have a dialogue with the union and hope to find fair and sustainable solution,” said school spokesperson Brian Coddington.

According to the school district the average teacher pay in Washington is $71,711 and the average Spokane teacher pay is $72,955.

The union says than 100 Spokane educators and supporters are planning informational picketing Thursday, Aug. 23, 12-1 pm, at the District office, 200 N. Bernard.