Spokane Shock Weathering Recession

SPOKANE — The season opener for the Spokane Shock was a success on the scoreboard and in the stands.

A sold out Spokane Arena witnessed the Shock’s season opener. But with the economy pinching the pockets of millions of Americans, just how do fans keep Shock games in their budget?

The team is slightly behind last year’s season ticket sales, but not by much. Team officials say they are confident they will catch up.

They’re banking not just on the Shock’s local contingency, but long distant fans as well.

Wade Barton and his family live in Noxon, Montana, more than 150 miles away from Spokane; but that not stopping them from being Shock super fans.

“We decided since we liked them so much, we’d buy season tickets,” said Wade.

The Bartons say they like living in Montana but they love the Shock. They will do whatever it takes to attend every single Shock home game no matter what.

“We love the Shock, this is what we live for,” said Wade. “We can’t wait until the season starts.”

And the Barton’s aren’t the only fans who feel that way. Many fans say Shock season tickets are the best investment they have ever made.

Spokane Shock Media Relations Guru Kevin Maloney believes the slumping economy doesn’t apply to the Shock. A sold out Spokane Arena is his proof.

Season tickets are still available for the 2009 season ranging from $59 to $435.