Spokane Public Schools says only 3 employees plan on leaving over vaccine mandate

Spokane Public Schools Prepares For Return Of Second Graders To The Classroom

SPOKANE, Wash.– Spokane Public Schools talked about its COVID-19 response Wednesday at its board meeting.

From the state’s vaccine mandate to how many cases were in the schools, board members covered it all.

School district leaders said 466 of its employees filed for a vaccine exemption. Of those, 400 were able to be accommodated. However, three employees, including one teacher, said they were leaving over the mandate.

The school district also said there were about 100 employees in limbo that didn’t have an accommodation nor the vaccine. There are also 15 people the school has not been able to get ahold of.

This is all out of the 5,200 employees who work for Spokane Public Schools.

When it came to how many confirmed cases were linked to catching it at school, that number was just four. However, overall there were 94 confirmed cases of coronavirus within the school system. There were also 514 students or staff members in quarantine at the time of the meeting.

You can see a breakdown of COVID-19 cases and exposures at Spokane Public Schools by checking its online dashboard.

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