Spokane Public Schools prepares for delays, cancellations as heavy snow approaches

SPOKANE, Wash. — Winter weather could mean school delays and cancellations.

Spokane Public Schools is getting prepared for the possibilities of both this week and the district says everything is entirely dependent on the day.

“We’ve started looking to see what the weather report is like. And so, throughout the day we connect with each other to see what are some of the things that we need to start working on and then we start the plan that way,” said Sandra Jarrard, executive director of communications for SPS.

On the days snow is predicted to fall, the district meets at 4 a.m.

A lot of things, including road conditions, go into making the decision for a delay or closure.

“We also consider many of our students need many of our services in our building. So, it’s a place to stay warm, it’s a place to get breakfast and lunch, and also do a lot of their occupational therapy type of services, PT, so all that is taken into consideration,” Jarrard said.

Families should start looking for a decision by 6 a.m.

“One of the common questions we get asked is, I looked outside my window and it is fine, there’s no snow… why are you doing a 2 hour delay, and I would just like to remind families, it’s an entire district,” Jarrard said.

Jovi is eight-years-old, loves the snow, and she’s had a few snow days already. Jovi’s dad, Ben Mitchell, says he isn’t worried about school being cancelled.

“I think we’ll just take it in stride, if they do cancel school. Maybe go to the park, and do some sledding…and make a day out of it,” Mitchell said. “She likes school too, but snow days are funner.”

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