Spokane Police warn of man scamming buyers during private car sales

Spokane Police badge

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Spokane Police Department issued a warning about a man potentially scamming victims during private car sales.

According to a release from the department, three victims have reported similar instances involving a potential car buyer.

In these cases, the victims have agreed to purchase a vehicle and handed money over to the seller. The seller (suspect) then takes the money and flees in the vehicle being offered for sale.

Police said the three instances all involve the same vehicle being offered for sale. The first happened on November 29, then two more happened on December 4 and 29.

In one of the thefts, the seller provided a bill of sale with a license plate and VIN number written down. Police said neither the plate nor the VIN belonged to the car being sold.

Police said buyers should avoid handing over cash until the transaction is complete. Additionally, buyers should get the bill of sale along with the signed off title and confirm the VIN number on the documents matches the vehicle before handing over cash. Buyers should also meet sellers in a visible location that may have surveillance cameras.

Spokane Police do not have a description of the man accused of these thefts.