Spokane Police: Man facing felony assault charges for intentionally coughing in officers’ faces

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SPOKANE, Wash. — A man is facing felony assault charges after he reportedly coughed on officers as they arrested his sister.

Officers received a tip Wednesday about a woman wanted out of Idaho. Shayden Macri, 22, was found hiding in a closet at a home near S Scott St and E 42nd Ave. As they started to take her into custody, she reportedly screamed for her brother, Tanner.

The 21-year-old came downstairs, then forcibly and intentionally coughed in each officer’s face, police said. SPD said they are taking the current COVID-19 health crisis seriously and began to take Tanner into custody.

Police said Tanner attempted to cough on them again after officers arrested him and were putting him in an patrol car.

Tanner was booked for two counts of third-degree assault on a law enforcement officer. Shayden was booked on her misdemeanor warrant and as a fugitive for the warrant out of Idaho.