Spokane Police Dept. sees uptick in recent vehicle thefts

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Police Department says it has seen an uptick in vehicle thefts recently and is reminding the public there are steps to take to minimize your risk of being a victim.

The latest CompStat report shows vehicle theft is up 28 percent city-wide over the past year.

There have been upward swings in separate districts, as well. The latest CompStat report shows vehicle theft is up 114 percent year-to-date in the southeast district, 121 percent in the southwest district and 85 percent downtown.

Other districts have seen similar numbers compared to the same time frame from last year or a decrease in vehicle theft.

Here are a few reminders from SPD to keep your property safe:

  • Keep your vehicle locked and secured
  • Do not leave your vehicle running unattended
  • Do not leave keys in your vehicle
  • Keep valuables and items of interest in the trunk or at least out of view
  • Lock your glovebox
  • If possible, park in a well-lit area

According to police, of the 24 vehicles reported stolen in the past week, seven of them had keys left inside and three of them were running.