Spokane physician’s license indefinitely suspended for sexual misconduct


SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washigton Medical Commission indefinitely suspended the medical license of a Spokane physician for unprofessional and sexual misconduct.

On August 30, Thomas J. Osten was issued a final order which suspended his license to practice medicine in Washington.

Dr. Osten was granted a hearing but refused to respond unless it was in-person. He also failed to appear at the pre-hearing conference.

The statement of charges says Dr. Osten raised a patient’s shirt without her permission, made inappropriate jokes and comments about a patient’s marital status and her appearance.

Dr. Osten was subject to a prior hearing based on similar allegations from three different female patients. Less than two months later, the doctor engaged in similar behavior with the patient in question.

Dr. Osten was found to have committed unprofessional conduct, involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, corruption, sexual misconduct and abuse.

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