Spokane Patrols Search Out Illegal Fireworks

SPOKANE — It seems the public fireworks displays aren’t enough entertainment for many people, as the Spokane Police and Fire Departments say they are busy writing $513 tickets for people lighting their own fireworks.

It’s a reminder that all fireworks are illegal in Spokane. If you’re planning on lighting fireworks at your house, police are listening, and they were scattered throughout the city Friday night.

Six teams of police officers and firefighters were out in unmarked cars. They’re following the sound, the smell and the sparkle of fireworks.

One team said a minute doesn’t pass without the sound of a firework exploding. It’s finding where that sound is coming from that’s the tricky part.

(“dave kokot/spokane fire dept.

5728 “It is a cat and mouse game,” said Dave Kokot of the Spokane Fire Department. “This is my third year doing it and there are parts of town that we get involved with. People have radios at the end of the block, so they see a marked vehicle coming and then we can find smoke. We can find where people were lighting off fireworks, but nobody’s on the street.”

This team says they have ticketed two people who actually threw a firework out in front of their car. Last year, 40 fireworks citations were issued.