Spokane Parks investigating damage to Cannon Hill Park

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Parks and Recreation is investigating damage to Cannon Hill Park.

The department was recently informed about the situation and said the “work was not authorized.”

Many branches were cut down from trees and left in piles around the park. Spokane Parks and Rec says they did not do any of the landscaping.

While the city doesn’t know who to hold responsible, some living in the area have a good idea on who might have done the yard work.

“One of our neighbors, who has lived here for many, many, many years honestly just got sad of looking at it, and wanted to bring back some of the natural beauty that he remembers from years ago, so he just came out and he cleaned it up himself,” said Heidi Gilliam, a resident near the park.

Gilliam said she’s happy about the changes because her kids now have more area to play and can see the pond more clearly.

This act was against Spokane Municipal Code, meaning someone can be charged and pay fines for the damage.

If you want to suggest changes for any of Spokane’s parks, call 311 to reach the Spokane Parks and Recreation office directly.

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