Spokane wants your input on dog park designs in Riverfront Park

SPOKANE, Wash — Spokane Parks and Recreation is asking for your input on the new design for the proposed dog park in Riverfront Park.

“Highbridge Dog Park is not too far from here and it’s quite an open space, so we want to hear from the community,” said Fianna Dickson, Communications Manager for Spokane Parks and Recreation. “Are they looking for something similar to that or are they looking for a dog park that has more amenities like agility features and that type of thing.”

Opening right across the Lilac Bowl, the Forestry Shelter is a part of the plans.

“When you renovate an entire park like this, and this structure hasn’t seen a renovation in a long time as you can tell,” Dickson said.  “So, it was an opportunity to both spruce it up a little bit and then give it a unique feature as a part of the dog park. To have a shaded area as a part of a dog park is pretty unique.”

Priorities like a dog water fountain, a device charging station for you, and even what the Forestry Shelter should be used for are all questions a part of the survey.

It’d be the only off-leash area on park property.

Alyssa Blaume is excited for the future plans.

“There’s a lot of people that come to Riverfront so like, I think a lot of people would enjoy another dog park,” she said.

The survey is open until April 15th, with plans to unveil the final design and the name in June.

You can take the survey HERE.

When the dog park is built is all dependent on when the goal of raising $750,000 is met. Right now, the money being raised through the Spokane Park Foundation still has two-thirds left to fundraise.

If you’d like to donate, you can HERE.

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