Spokane nursing student wins $250,000 in state vaccine incentive drawing

Shot of a Lifetime winner
Nursing student Marissa P won $250,000 in Washington's Shot of a Lifetime drawing

OLYMPIA, Wash – A nursing student who plans to stay and work in Washington won the most recent “Shot of a Lifetime” drawing, earning her $250,000 just for getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The student, identified only as Marissa P., joined Governor Jay Inslee in a news conference in Olympia Thursday. The Washington Lottery confirmed she recently completed her nursing pre-requisites at Washington State University and is currently applying to nursing programs.

She’s the third person to win $250,000 in the drawing.

“As you can probably imagine, I was shocked when I got the call from the Lottery and even more shocked when they told me that I’d won the $250,000 prize,” Marissa said. “I’m still amazed that it’s real and feel very blessed. I’m grateful to the State, to Governor Inslee, to the Department of Health and to the Lottery for creating this program, and for helping make sure as many people as possible get their COVID-19 vaccination. As a pre-nursing student, I am deeply concerned about the health and wellbeing of all people, and I strongly encourage everyone who hasn’t yet taken the time to get their shots to please do so. These vaccines help protect you and others, and getting ourselves vaccinated will ultimately help our entire community.”

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The state is holding four drawings for people to win $250,000 if they’ve had at least one shot of the vaccine. The state will hold a grand prize drawing for someone to win $1,000,000.

Other prizes in the drawing include tuition credits for vaccinated kids between 12 and 17 years old.

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