Spokane NAACP says calls for Lutz’s resignation are ‘sudden, secretive, and untimely’

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane NAACP is calling the health district board’s request for Dr. Bob Lutz’s resignation “sudden, secretive, and untimely.” 

In a statement released Saturday, members with the NAACP described Lutz as “a thoughtful and genuine ally.” It was Dr. Lutz who responded to concerns about marginalized communities being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, and who tracked race-specific data on the health district’s website to monitor those impacts. 

Before the pandemic, Dr. Lutz appointed a liaison to the NAACP’s healthcare committee, and worked with members to monitor health data in Spokane’s Black community. 

“Dr. Lutz has championed the causes of all our marginalized communities tirelessly and has made health equity a priority for the health district,” it reads in the release. 

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“The decisions and actions expressed in recent communications from the SRHD Administrator and Board have been vague and dismissive, creating confusion and providing little to no answers,” it goes on. “If in fact uniting our community is our collective goal we must do better, as the citizens of Spokane deserve better.” 

Administrative Officer Amelia Clark announced Friday her request for Dr. Lutz to resign, but gave no specifics as to why. As of Friday evening, he has yet to submit that resignation.

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