Spokane Man Wounded In Meat Cleaver Attack

SPOKANE — One man was seriously injured and another has been jailed after a late night meat cleaver attack at a downtown apartment complex.

Police say someone from the Lane-Wolfe Apartments called 911 just after 11 p.m. and reported a man was on top of another man and attacking him with a meat cleaver.

Spokane Police arrived at the apartments, located at 240 West Sprague Avenue, and found one man with his hand bleeding and a second man with two cuts to his throat and another cut to his right wrist.

Witnesses identified one of the men as the attacker and police arrested 25-year-old James Hopkins and booked him on investigation of 1st Degree Assault.

The other man was sent to Deaconess Hospital with serious injuries. Police say the tendons in the man’s wrist were severed. He is in stable condition.

Police have not said how the two men knew each other or what led up to the attack.