Spokane man thanks Apple Watch for saving father’s life

Spokane resident Gabe Burdett thanks the Apple Watch for helping save his dad’s life last Sunday.

According to a viral Facebook post, Gabe’s father, Bob Burdett, was supposed to meet him to mountain bike in Riverside State Park, but Bob was not there.

Then, Gabe received a text from his father’s Apple Watch that it had detected a hard fall, and showed a map with his location.

Gabe got in the car and went to the spot, but nobody was there. Shortly after, he received an additional notification that his father’s location had changed to Sacred Heart Medical Center.

The Watch had called 911 with the location and EMS responded within half an hour of the fall.

Bob Burdett had fallen off his bike at the bottom of Doomsday Hill, and hit his head, knocking him out until he was in the ambulance, where he eventually woke up.

Now, Bob is in good condition and cleared both his X-ray and CT scans.

Though many know the Apple Watch can do things like track workouts and help you answer texts in a flash, it also provides the ‘Fall Detection’ setting that can help save lives.

‘Fall Detection’ can be used to alert emergency response when the wearer has fallen and uses GPS to help people find them.

For directions on how to turn on this setting on your apple watch, click here.