Spokane man accused of stealing, pawning guitars from local shop

Police lights

SPOKANE, Wash. — A 64-year-old has been booked into jail for reportedly stealing and pawning multiple guitars this past December.

Spokane Police said Terry Smith was booked into jail on Wednesday for having pawned a stolen guitar. The original case report listed five different guitars as stolen from a local store.

Officers went to the jail to interview Smith, who reportedly told them he picked a guitar from a display and wanted to steal it.

Smith told police he carried the guitar out of the store without attempting to purchase it and that no one tried to stop him. He reportedly said he pawned the guitar without any intention of going back to pay the loan he got for it.

Police said Smith went back three more times in December, stole three more guitars and pawned them.

Officers ran a pawn history report for Smith and found he did pawn several guitars around the times of the thefts. Several of the guitars were still in the local pawn shop inventories and were recovered by SPD.

Smith was charged with second-degree theft and three counts of first-degree trafficking of stolen property.

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