Spokane man accused of offering drugs for sex with minors pleads not guilty in court

Spokane man accused of offering drugs for sex with minors pleads not guilty in court

UPDATE: Charles Green pleaded not guilty to all charges in court Tuesday.

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A Spokane man is accused of offering young girls drugs in exchange for sex.

According to court documents, detectives believe 54-year-old Charles Green has been contacting minors electronically for the last six months. In those messages, he would offer the girls drugs if he could perform sexual acts on them.

Court documents show that there are seven minors involved in this case. They range in age from 14 to 17.

Interviews with those witnesses allege that Green would communicate with the girls over texting and apps like Snapchat.

One 14-year-old witness saved several texts for police. They were all very sexual.

Part of one reads, “I get you hi (sic) if you should come over come over (sic) with those grey tights you wear and tease me…”

In the documents witnesses say that they had seen Green give illegal drugs and alcohol to minors on multiple occasions. That included meth, marijuana, alcohol and possibly other drugs.

Witnesses also say there were security cameras placed inside the home. They believe he was watching girls get changed with them.

On May 23 detectives searched green’s home in a five mile neighborhood. Court documents show they found bags with marijuana and a bag with a white crystal substance. They also seized multiple electronic devices, like computers, thumb drives and cell phones. In addition, they took boxes of homemade DVDs.

Detectives are now investigating Green for charges of Communication With a Minor For Immoral Purposes, Commercial Sexual Abuse Of a Minor and Distribution to Persons Under 18 With Sexual Motivation.