Spokane Judge’s Son Nabbed On Heroin Charges

SPOKANE — A Spokane County Judge revealed Friday that her adult son has been arrested on drug possession charges.

District Court Judge Debra Hayes admitted Friday that her 29-year-old son is addicted to heroin and was busted Wednesday by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

“As with any family who has experienced the tragedy of America’s drug epidemic, I am very concerned for my adult son’s welfare,” Judge Hayes said through a written statement. “I am confident that this will proceed through the system like any other case.”

She added that she wanted to “thank my friends and family for their support.”

Joseph Apperson is alleged to have both sold and consumed heroin. Hayes’ said that, even though their last names are different, she wanted to come forward and disclose the connection.

As Apperson’s case moves through the court system, it will be handed over to a judge and prosecutor from outside Spokane County in order to avoid a possible conflict of interest.