Spokane is home to a new cancer treatment center

SPOKANE, Wash. — Almost two million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer this year. As of Thursday, Spokane is offering a destination treatment center with comprehensive oncology care.

At the MultiCare Deaconess Cancer Center, that comprehensive care will take cancer treatment to the next level.

The cancer center, on the Deaconess Hospital campus, will give patients the combined expertise of oncology physicians and staff, in one localized downtown Spokane location.

“Most importantly, this comprehensive center will allow for greater collaboration across our teams and meet the needs of our patients by providing an enhanced, more streamlined experience,” said Dr. David O’Brien, MultiCare’s Chief Executive for the Inland Northwest region.

“This facility has been designed for a patient-centered approach to radiational medicine,” Dr. Zachary Guss said, recognizing the value it will add to care. “Additionally, being in the same building as other specialists, not only the medical oncologist but also the surgeons, pulmonologist, GI doctors, means that patients can be seen more conveniently and we can have a team-based approach to care.”

Beyond a team-based approach to care, the buzz is all over a new linear accelerator, radiation device: the Varian, TrueBeam system. The device offers more powerful cancer treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision ( this way, surrounding, healthy, tissues aren’t also targeted).

Radiation Technology

Varian, TrueBeam Radiation Device

Radiation Technology

“This represents an investment in our community to ensure that patients get the most up-to-date, cutting edge treatments, possible,” Dr. Guss explained.

The MultiCare Deaconess Cancer Center will integrate all of MultiCare’s oncology care for the region, including breast, prostate, lung, brain tumor, head and neck, gastrointestinal, lymphoma, and radiation treatment.

Cancer treatment started back in May and doctors said they’ve already noticed a difference.

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