Spokane Interstate Fair opens today despite COVID concerns

SPOKANE, Wash. — Rides, funnel cakes, the rodeo and more, all waiting for you right now at the Spokane County fairgrounds. But is it safe?

There’s been a two-year break for the Spokane County Interstate Fair because of the pandemic. Now’s it opening day again and rides are up and running.

“This feels really nice to be in some sense of normalcy. The fair looked like it did a couple of years ago, and it just feels really good to get out and be here,” said Michelle James, who had brought some students for a field trip.


It is normal but it’s also different for some.

“It’s also kind of strange that the rides don’t start till 3 and we have to wear the masks indoors but it’s what we got to do for the fair so,” said attendee Natalie Bassett.

Masks are need indoors right now, but on Monday you’ll have to wear them inside and outside because of Gov. Jay Inslee’s new rules.

“Have a good time but let’s look out for each other, let’s mask up and keep everyone safe. We need everyone to help with us,” said Erin Gurtel, director of the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center.

However, health experts are worried the fair will become a super-spreader event. Gurtel says they have reduced the risks.

“We’ve scaled back our capacities on our grand stands events and we feel like with 10 days of the fair, there’s a lot of opportunity to spread out and be here safely.”

Reminders are posted around the fair to mask up and fair employees will be checking for people not wearing masks.

The fair runs until Sunday, Sept. 19.

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