Spokane International Airport offers travel advice ahead of Thanksgiving

SPOKANE, Wash. — Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and people are already taking to the roads and skies to visit loved ones for the holiday.

Thanksgiving is also one of the busiest travel times for airports nationwide, including the Spokane International Airport.

Traveling for the holidays will be even busier this year, AAA estimates next Wednesday will be the busiest for both air and car travel, so the Spokane International Airport is asking travelers to come prepared.

The first thing they’re asking travelers to do is to arrive at least two hours early.

With airport employees expecting some of the busiest travel days in years, pilot shortages, and the possibility of traffic, they’re asking travelers to arrive extra early to avoid any difficulties with their flights.

They also ask travelers to check out the TSA’s website to make sure they know to bring all necessary documents and are aware of all procedures.

On Friday, travelers could already be seen arriving early to make their flights.

One WSU student, Carlee Schield, was traveling home and says she made sure to come extra early. She was nervous not just because of the thought of crowds, but because she drove all the way from Pullman.

“It’s my first time driving to Spokane, just wanted to come early and make sure I could get here and not get lost,” Schield said.

The LaPlant family was flying from GEG to LAX. Andrea LaPlant says after doing some research, she found a cheaper deal by stopping in Vancouver first on their return flight.

“Because of the holiday travel and how expensive it is to be flying this week, we are flying direct from LAX to Vancouver and that’s way cheaper, they don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Vancouver so then we are taking a train to Bellingham and renting a car and driving home,” LaPlant said.

With Thanksgiving travel expected to be close to pre-pandemic levels, the airport is telling travelers to anticipate waiting in long lines or in traffic next week.

It is always recommended to stay up to date with any changes that may happen with your flight. You can keep track of that on the airport’s website.

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