Spokane grandma designs adaptive socks for all ages

A Spokane grandmother’s quest to help others starts one foot at a time.

It’s easy to see that Linda Beedle has something special with her grandson Coen. The nine-year-old boy lives with cerebral palsy.

“He’s kind of like a box of chocolates. I never know what I’m going to get with him,” Beedle said.

His diagnosis impacts his body movement and coordination, so some things are harder than others. Beedle said she was having a tough time finding socks that Coen could put on by himself. So, she invented her own.

They’re called SockieTalkies.

Each cotton sock has a pulley on the top to make putting them on easier. Their adaptive design is already helping more people than Coen.

“People with arthritis, people that have bad backs, they are loving them,” Beedle said.

The pulley socks come with some positivity. If you look closely, you’ll see messages written on each sock.

“One says you are music to my heart,” Beedle said.

One pair of socks has a message Coen has been hearing his entire life.

“His little socks say I am strong and capable and we’ve always said that to him,” Beedle said.

That is a lesson Beedle taught her grandson while he was teaching her something, too.

“I think the message is hope and being inspired and pushing through,” Beedle said.

SockieTalkie is available at Boo Radley’s in downtown Spokane. There is also a kickstarter campaign happening now to raise money to expand the designs and sizes of the socks.

Each pair is about $10 and Beedle hopes to expand sizes to reach more adults soon.

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