Spokane Good Government Alliance spends $50k against Ben Stuckart

Spokane Good Government Alliance spends $50k against Ben Stuckart
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The Spokane County general election is just two weeks away, and third-party donors continue to make an impact on the mayoral race.

Spokane Good Government Alliance just dropped another $50,000 against mayoral candidate Ben Stuckart.

That same organization already has another $50,000 in favor of mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward.

She has about $260,000 in third-party expenditures now – $198,741 coming from the Washington Realtors PAC alone.

Woodward does have about $176,000 in third-party money working against here coming from the Citizens for Liberty and Labor PAC.

Aside of third-party money, she has raised about $271,000 for her campaign.

Stuckart, on the other hand, has raised close to $290,000 with an additional $9,838 coming in from third-party expenditures.

The majority of his third-party money comes in from the Citizens for Liberty and Labor PAC, putting down $8,500 in favor of Stuckart.

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It’s important to remember neither candidate has control over those third-party expenditures or how they are spent.

Even so, you can expect to see the money continue to flood into this election with just 14 days left before it’s decided.

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