Spokane forecast to break 63 year heat record this weekend

The most 90 degree-plus days in the history of the city
Smoky Air Spokane July 31
Elenee Dao
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SPOKANE, Wash.–So far in 2021, Spokane has had 37 days where we’ve hit 90 degrees or higher.

That’s good for third place since weather record-keeping began here in 1881. The most 90 degree days in one year in Spokane was in 1958. That year there were 39 days above 90 degrees.

90 Degree Days

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The forecast for this weekend is HOT, with near 100 degree temperatures in the afternoons through Saturday. It’s almost certain that this 63 year old record will be broken. Spokane has also seen the most 70-plus degree low temperatures ever this year.

100 Degree Days

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Another record being threatened in Spokane this weekend is the most 100 degree days in a year. This year is tied with 1928, with six days at 100 or above. While our First Alert Forecast doesn’t call for triple-digits with this particular heatwave, we are forecasting 99 for Friday and Saturday. Even for a few minutes we could push up to 100 and set another new record for this brutal 2021 summer.

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