Spokane Fire offers to install smoke detectors in homes, free of charge

Spokane Fire offers to install smoke detectors in homes, free of charge
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A fire at an at-home daycare in Erie, Pennsylvania left five children dead Sunday morning.

That should serve as a solemn reminder to the rest of us to always make sure our homes are fully equipped for fire safety, because you just never know what could happen.

Whether it’s a daycare, a home or an apartment, fire departments around Spokane are here to make it easier for you.

Licensed daycares in Washington must have at least one smoke detector on each level and each licensed sleeping area.

While that seems simple enough, Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said the issue comes up with many unlicensed daycares around town. It may cost those at-home daycares some more money for licensing fees, but it costs nothing to get equipped with proper smoke detectors.

In fact, any daycare, home, or apartment is just one phone call away from having it done for free.

“Call the fire department we’ll come out and we’ll actually install them for you,” Schaeffer said. “If you don’t have them we will provide smoke alarms.”

Schaeffer said they can even equip special detectors for those with a disability.

Spokane Fire also offers EMS services, so if 911 is ever called to your home for any reason, then the crew will also check to see if your detectors are up to date and stocked with a good battery.