Spokane employee injured by “booby-trapped” homeless camp, designed to protect pot grow

A City of Spokane employee was injured Tuesday when he was impaled by a nail while cleaning up an illegal homeless camp. Police say the man had an active warrant for his arrest and was apparently trying to protect an illegal marijuana grow.

Spokane Police say the city code enforcement and police crews were investigating an illegal camp in the 1300 block of South Lindeke. They found a man later identified as Clyde Walling, Jr.

Walling initially tried to leave the scene, but eventually complied with police commands and was arrested on the Department of Corrections warrant. He was also charged with illegal camping.

Police say that as officers began to move around the camp, they found numerous boards with nails driven through them “resembling improvised spike strips.” One of the employees stepped on a board and was impaled through the foot.

Police also found two trip wires, “one connected to aluminum cans as a rudimentary alarm”; another wire was connected to one of the boards full of nails.

Police found more than 10 marijuana plants stored in metal cages. The marijuana grow was being irrigated by a pipe diverted water from a creek.

According to police, Walling admitted that he placed the booby traps to protect his marijuana.

Police added drug and assault charges when Walling was booked into the Spokane County Jail.