Spokane County to use $2 million in ARP funds to enhance tourism, travel and hospitality

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane County Board of Commissioners is directing $2 million from the Federal American Rescue Plan to aid local tourism, travel and hospitality.

Here’s where that $2 million is going:

  • $390,000 for Feast Collective to expand capacity
  • $220,000 for the Historic Flight Foundation to enhance its Legacy Air Experience
  • $500,000 for Visit Spokane to support EXPO74’s 50th Anniversary events and Sports County USA initiative
  • $300,00 for the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC) to enhance local Arts and Culture
  • $590,000 for Spokane Valley Performing Arts Center to enhance local Arts and Culture

“These funds will have a multiplying economic effect in our community,” said Mary Kuney, Chair of the Spokane County Board of Commissioners. “Events like the Historic Flight Foundation’s Legacy Air Experience will continue to grow our local economy and provide a wonderful regional attraction for many years into the future.”

“As the premier marketing agency for Spokane County, Visit Spokane is bringing the world to our community,” said Spokane County Commissioner Al French. “Their event dollars support our retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries. Promoting the 50th Anniversary of Expo 74 gives our community an opportunity to celebrate a major turning point in the history of Spokane.”

You can visit Spokane County’s ARP website to learn more about ARP funds, view Spokane County’s funding priorities, and more.

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