Spokane County crews preparing for upcoming snowstorm

City of Spokane snow plow
City of Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane County is making sure you are safe on the roads ahead of the expected snow storm.

Since early Monday morning, crews from Spokane County have been working 12-hour shifts, plowing and sanding emergency routes and major roads in all four districts. This is so they can clear secondary routes before the storm starts Tuesday night.

The cold temperatures with fresh snow are likely to create glare ice patches and possibly dangerous driving conditions Wednesday morning. While crews work around the clock, it is important you do your part in staying safe on the roads.

“Please stay home if at all possible, slow down and be prepared for a possible emergency situation,” Andy Schenk, Public Works Road Maintenance and Operations Administrator said. “This means stocking your car with a shovel, deicer or cat litter for traction, and have warm blankets on hand in case you have to wait for an emergency response.”

Schenk also says to stay 50 feet away from snow removal equipment at all times.

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