Spokane corporal’s use of deadly force determined to be justified

Spokane corporal’s use of deadly force determined to be justified

Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office determined that Spokane Police Corporal Ryan Jamieson was justified in his use of deadly force while attempting to arrest a suspect in January.

On January 15, Jamieson was called to respond to the area of 5th and Walnut to support other officers in pursuit of Dexter M. Dumarce.

At 12:30 a.m., Officer Mark Zimmerman attempted to detain Dumarce.

Dumarce pulled a long-bladed, spring-loaded knife at Zimmerman, and fled.

Zimmerman followed in pursuit and called for backup.

Several other officers followed on foot to the intersection at 5th and Walnut.

Along the way, officers gave Dumarce commands to stop, drop the knife, and inform him he was under arrest.

Several officers also used their tasers in an attempt to arrest Dumarce, which were ineffective.

Dumarce, still wielding his knife, ignored the commands and continued to flee.

Upon arriving at the intersection, Dumarce, ran towards several cars that were stopped at the light.

Corporal Jamieson fired 4 shots.

Aid was rendered but Dumarce was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office, “under these circumstances, it was reasonable for Cpl. Jamieson to use deadly force. Dumarce presented a serious and immediate threat to officers and to the safety of others who were stopped at the traffic light.”