Spokane community gathers at Lincoln Statue in support of Ukraine

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane community held a rally downtown to support Ukraine and stand in solidarity with Ukrainians.

People are coming together by The Lincoln Statue to speak out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many are currently gathered with signs, and the public is welcome to the peaceful protest.

This comes after the city released a proclamation stating Spokane stands in solidarity with Ukraine.

Lyudmyla Malova, who moved from Ukraine years ago, says she’s sicked by everything that’s happening in the place she called home.

She’s glad to see so many people come out to rally and support her family and the Ukrainians as they go through this tough time, but believes they can only do so much.

“It’s a drop in the ocean,” she said of being at the rally. “But, if you take all the drops you might make something more significant.”

She says too many lives are going to be lost because of the invasion. She’s not only worried about the Ukrainians but the Russians, too.

“It’s Russian soldiers that are going to die, and Russian soldiers have a mother and Russian soldiers have parents, friends and they’re going to die.”

Sergey Topik told 4 News Now he has family in the Ukraine who are hiding out in a bunker. His cousin told him the border closed for men 18 and older, so they can’t leave.

“I sent some information for her to leave and go to Poland and she refuses to go. She says if she dies, they’re going to die as a family,” he continued. “She said today we’re in Ukraine and tomorrow we’ll be with our Father in Heaven. So, I was really upset yesterday and it was the first time I had tears starting to go down my eyes.”

Topik wants people to know that Ukrainians are peaceful people. He’s more upset and frustrated he can’t do more to help protect his family back home.


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