Spokane Co. snowplows to get new design for next snowstorm

SPOKANE, Wash. — A group of Spokane County workers designed a new modification for snow plows.

Public Works says it will save taxpayers money and help keep snow out of driveway entrances.

Spokane County Public Works says plow gates, which keep snow out of people’s driveways, cost around $12,000 per plow.

Because of this, its welders came up with their own design which only costs $5,000. That saves the county $200,000.

Twenty-six plows now have new gates to tackle the next snow storm.

Dave Smith, the County Shop Supervisor, says he hopes this upgrade makes taxpayers happy.

“The idea is to go in and help clean those driveways out, keep them for people,” Smith said. “Obviously, it’s still going to leave probably a little bit of something there, but not like, filling them up, like we did in the past.”

Public Works welders started working on the new design back in June and finished it around mid-October.

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