Spokane Civic Theatre expresses concerns over proposed downtown stadium

Spokane Civic Theater

SPOKANE, Wash. — In response to the proposed downtown stadium, Spokane Civic Theatre expressed their concerns over the challenges the proposal could create for them.

In the statement, they described how last month, after the Downtown Spokane Partnership’s (DSP) March 2 presentation and Spokane Public School’s (SPS) March 10 board meeting, they would have to soundproof the theater in order to continue operations if the stadium were to be built. Also, they said that the impact of simultaneous events at the Spokane Arena, The Podium, theatre and proposed stadium should be studied.

Earlier this month, they said they discussed with Spokane Public Facilities District CEO Stephanie Curran and SPS Board President Jerrall Haynes about potential parking mitigation, soundproofing needs and a request for “the visibility of the theatre and community impact as a piece of the larger puzzle moving forward.”

The theatre said that they are collaborating with Performance Contract Inc., Tremco and other companies that regularly work with Spokane Arena and The Podium to determine costs for sound infrastructure. They added that they are exploring all available options to enforce their capacity to utilize its property and engage with it community.

At the end of of the statement, they said that they must be invited into the conversation as a key player and joint solution maker.