Spokane City Council votes to extend COVID-19 related water shutoffs

SPOKANE, Wash.– If you’re behind on paying your utilities and live in Spokane, you now have a little more time to put a plan together.

On Monday, the Spokane City Council passed a resolution that will give accounts behind in paying until Nov. 30 to make new payment arrangements without getting hit with late fees. They will also not get their water shut off for another six months.

Washingon’s disconnection ban ended on Sept. 30. That means that starting Oct. 1, delinquent accounts could have been hit with late fees or had their utilities disconnected.

City leaders wanted to make sure there was more of a transition period for the thousands of people who were behind in their bills. After Nov. 30, past-due accounts will be subject to late fees and interest owed. Then, after March 2022, anyone who is still behind or hasn’t made a repayment arrangement could have their water shut off by the city.

More information on how to get help paying your bills can be found online. 

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