Spokane Cab Adds $2 Fuel Surcharge

SPOKANE – Taxi rides just became a little bit more expensive in the Spokane area now that the city has approved a $2 fuel surcharge.

Spokane Cab raised their rates two years ago but now they’re trying out the $2 fuel surcharge, which is separate from the normal cab fare and is making it pricier to ride a cab in Spokane than in some major cities across the country.

For example in Boise cab fare is $2.10 a mile with no fuel surcharge. In Salt Lake City the fare is $2 a mile with no surcharge.

In Boston the fare is $2.25 with no surcharge while in New York cab fare is $2 a mile with a $1 surcharge.

However here in Spokane, most cab drivers charge $2.50 a mile and the $2 fuel surcharge.