SPD officer turns into Secret Santa with anonymous Christmas donation

A Spokane woman took to Facebook in search of a Christmas tree for her neighbors, when she learned they didn’t have one. She said the response was overwhelming. Within minutes, a Spokane Police officer messaged her to say they would drop by later that day with a tree and decorations.

The Facebook post announcing someone stepped up with donations has already had more than 100 comments online and has been shared dozens of times.

However, the police department said the officer wishes to stay anonymous. This gesture came from the heart, and the giver doesn’t want any recognition.

“There’s a magic about Christmas, especially when you’re a child and I feel like every child should experience that,” said Heather Stokes, Spokane resident and a mom of four.

Heather’s family loves Christmas. When she learned the Deutsch family across the street, didn’t have a tree, she hoped the power of Facebook and Christmas spirit could change that.

“I put the word out – and within 24 minutes, a local police officer had responded,” Stokes said.

Stokes wasn’t home that afternoon, but when she returned – she found Officer Santa already paid a visit to her house. Not to her chimney, but her front porch had a box with a Christmas tree and decorations.

“Mom was absolutely so taken back, and dad was very grateful – said thank you. Mom said – bless you. They were very appreciative,” Stokes said.

The Deutsch family have two kids, ages six and eight.

They’ve always drawn up a paper tree taped to the their living room wall each year. This Christmas is different.

“It’s really cool to get the tree and all the trimmings,” Greg Deutsch said.

All thanks to a generous officer, who wishes to keep their good deed anonymous.

“They come across situations where people are down and things aren’t going their way. Officers aren’t looking for recognition, they’re just good people,” said Officer John O’Brien, Spokane Police Department.

Both Stokes and police said, this time of year, it’s important to spread the holiday cheer. You never know whose spirit you can brighten or holiday you can inspire.

“There is always somebody around us that is struggling a little bit more. And we all, at some point, in our lives need a little bit of help,” Stokes said.

“We’re human just like them, and we have big hearts, and we don’t want to see them in despair or down,” Officer O’Brien said.

Now, the family who once was without a tree, can spend Christmas with one full of ornaments, candy canes, and love from the community wrapped around it.

“Thanks to everybody,” Deutsch said.

This wasn’t the only anonymous act of kindness by a Spokane Police officer this season, there have been several others. All the officers wishing to keep their names secret. Spokane Police said officers have done deeds like this in the past, and they’ll continue to do so in the future.

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