SPD chooses two new schools for traffic cameras

SPD chooses two new schools for traffic cameras

This is the third school year Longfellow Elementary has had automated cameras – and they’re effective when it comes to producing tickets.

From November 17, 2017, to December 27, 2017, there were 24 days of school. On those dates – Longfellow cameras recorded 634 speeders, while Finch Elementary in Northwest Spokane had 266.

Believe it or not – those 900 tickets are actually down from 1,057 during the same date range in 2016.

“It’s a controversial subject,” explained Spokane School District Representative Kevin Morrison. “When you have traffic patrols with photos in them, we understand that, but we’re looking at the safety of the students.”

“It’s not necessarily where they’re going to get the most cars going by,” claimed Morrison. “It’s the number of children we have crossing in those particular areas.”

Finch and Longfellow are adjacent to arterials, which is where the 20 mph school zone speed limit is quite a dip from 30.

While the roughly $200 might surprise you in the mail, Morrison believes it’s a small price for safety.

“If this will help remind people that we’ve got little people walking across the street to schools, its probably for the best,” said Morrison.

Spokane Police have selected Ridgeview and Willard Elementary Schools as the next campuses to receive traffic cameras. Installation is expected early this fall.