Southwest Offering $29 Fares To Seattle, Boise

SPOKANE — If you’re planning a trip to Seattle or Boise you may want to leave your car in the driveway as Southwest Airlines is now offering one way tickets cheaper than a tank of gas.

Southwest Airlines is running a deal where if you book a flight 21 days out you can fly one way for $29 to Seattle or Boise.

Steve and Kim Kensok just returned from a trip to Costa Rica but with the low prices might be getting back on a plane to Seattle soon.

“I think its fantastic, my mother will see me more, my sisters. My brother,” Kim Kensok said.

“People who don’t even want to see me will see me more,” Steve Kensok added.

Jason Busch travels for business three weeks a month on Southwest, saying that the low cost airfare will save his company money, but questions how Southwest is able to offer such low prices with gas prices so high.

“I think 29 dollars is really cheap, with gas prices going up I wonder if they really need to fill the seats,” he said.

The airline says the $29 one way fare is the lowest in the country that Southwest says is a way to stay competitive.

Roy Wilson doesn’t care why they dropped their rates, he just wants a good deal. Wilson spends $80 to drive to Seattle, the same price as a round trip ticket. He’s already planning his next adventure.

“I will, I will for sure yeah you can’t beat it we have lots of friends in Seattle and a sporting event occasionally,” Wilson said.

Now there are some restrictions with this low fare.

You have to buy your ticket 21 days in advance of travel. On Southwest’s website you can only make reservations up until August 22nd but the airline says that could change.

Also you need to do your research because the $29 rate isn’t guaranteed for every flight; the price depends on how booked a flight is.