Sound Off: Why Are Fewer Americans Believing In God?

A new study shows the number of Americans who don’t believe in God has increased to 15%. That’s up slightly from 2001, and nearly double from 1990. The Northeast and Pacific Northwest are the two parts of the country that have the most people who don’t believe. Catholics still make up the largest religious block in the United States. Islam and Buddhism are the only two religious groups that grew in the U.S. What do you think? Why are fewer Americans believing in God? Do you still believe? Email

Well for one Hollywood constantly makes fun of Christianity and the T V Media certainly does not help either. The USA was founded by Protestant Christians. Certain groups such as Atheists use our Constitution to do away with Christianity and of course the Liberal Judges also help the anti Christian movement. One more reason not to vote for a Democrat. –Stu(Newman Lake)

Let’s see, well it’s because there is NO God!! -Bodie

Why that is easy because they blame him for all of this when it’s ours own fult see people can’t blame there selfs they blame me you and god so if they don’t belive in god why are they still alive with out him or hop you have nothing we did this we need to fix it all of us togather stop blaming each another and move forward. –Wayne

Good topic. I growup with church/ religion all my life. Its all manmade with to meny doctrines. I converted into one, and that was a mistake. I may attend a church, but, never well i be a member. Do i belieave in GOD ? Maybe. I dont need religion or doctrine, at all.  –Byron

I think the issue is more not being affiliated with a specific religion, not so much unbelief in God. Some people have had bad experiences in a church, but the thing to remember is the bad experiences involved people. People are imperfect and if anyone is looking to people to learn about God, they’re looking toward the wrong place. God is perfect and God is love. If you want to know about God, read about all the things Jesus did. He and God are so alike that They are perfectly One in what They say and do–perfect in purpose to be reconciled to us. God gave everyone free will, but He also gave us a love letter in the Bible which is filled with promises and cautions and all the things He wants for us–just as any parent would tell a child–but He lets us choose. Our country, and our world, are in such trouble because we have turned to our own ways, even though He has told us very clearly that trying to be independent of Him is foolishness. He has promised that if we turn to Him and pray He will heal our land. How much longer will we be foolish and selfish and stubborn? What does He have to do to get our attention? We are also told to come together and worship for a very practical reason–there is strength in numbers. There is a very real spiritual battle being fought for our souls, and we need each other to stay strong and serve God and Jesus as a church community. I love our church. It’s a real family and although all experiences have not been good ones, most have and I have met people I love and love to be with. We need God and Jesus and we need each other. Someone once said if we were meant to go it alone, we would have been put on earth one at a time. That would make us vulnerable and lonely. I hope that anyone who has given up on church will give it another try. If not, you’re missing out on knowing some wonderful people and depriving them of knowing you. –Lynn

Might it just be as simple as people are less afraid to say that they do not believe in God. Some people need God in order to be good. Just because you do not believe in God does not mean you have no morals. -Chris

I can’t imagine why more people are not believing in God. I do, I see him every day talking at the White House. -Fran

The question should not be ‘why are fewer Americans believing in God’ but ‘why are fewer Americans participating in organized religion?” Many people, myself included, believe in God and are highly spiritual but do not “belong” to any religion. Our organized religions are much more about money than they are about ‘saving souls’ or spiritual guidance to the people. Personally, I have no use for organized religion. For those that choose that path, great. As an American, I do have a choice even though the Catholic church thinks I am still a catholic. The drive for money gets old as does the cover up of past sins. -Judy

God given human dignity continues to be devalued by the constant diligence of a socialized educational system, buoyed by a liberal media. Should my worldview withstand this onslaught, it would do so because I belief in human worth, I am not an accident, life has meaning beyond the grave. Children taught a humanistic worldview have no choice but to devalue themselves and the consequences of this bleak belief system grows more devastating each day. -Bob

I think that God is still the focus in many homes. However,many organized religions make this God out to be bigger then what he actually is. Many of us feel he could be like us. We were taught that God knows everything and that God looks down on us when in reality God could be simply learning nfrom the past or the future or a man in a biker’s gang. God is what we decide him to be. Some of us have been taught that God is the Master of Human beings destiny when in fact its the number of positive or negative choices that lead us to our destiny. I picture him as a kind man who does not beleive in death. I picture him desiring us to be happy. However, I also respect other people’s beleif and keep my mouth shut after all Religion cannot in no wise be proven in a physical way. Many religions make God look unfriendly and make their child fear God…however God is love and God to me to me is not fear My mother died 8 yrs ago. She was the most kind woman on the face of earth. She had Cancer for many years. However the “God” she worshipped let her die. Considering there are many bad people like drug addicts and rich gang people in New York that need to die off…however what kind of life do some of these people have. I will tell you. They all have the latest in technology. They all go to school. And yet they all are in the same business so that God i no longer worship. This mormon God. If i told you i am not angrey or a bit mad…i would be lieing to you. I am very very angery at myself He is much like Zues and yet a tad of the God of the Arabs. I am sorry when there are criminals that still live still. My mother was a good woman and died from Cancer and i was taught that God protected his own apparently not always. Apparently God protects evil doers. -Samuel

Part of the blame can be placed at the feet of the “news media” for they often have articles telling of the bad things people do but seldom of the good. and heaven forbid that the name of Jesus Christ or God be used in positive terms. However, stories about the devil, witches, etc. are seen frequently. There is also our misguided court system that forbids the use of Godly acts {praying} but allows the devil worshipers. And our schools also. -Bill & Peggy(Post Falls)

I would like to know what percentage of the poll were actual Americans born and raised here. Seems we have more foreign Americans than true born and raised Americans. We seen this at Christmas time when there was controversy over the manger scene. It might be harder to see if this is true without knowing who were polled in this. –Mike(Spokane Valley)

This poll is wrong. More people believe in God. They’re just scared to death to say it because then they get accused of being a wacko by a certain group in this country, and you know who you are. -Pat

If you haven’t noticed the state that the world is in, take a moment to look around. Now is not the time to be questioning whether God exists , rather we should be praying to him to help us fix this mess that we have created. I personally know God exists. I had a near death experience and I met his son Jesus. I was also given a taste of what was in store for me if I didn’t change my ways. It was enough to convince me that there is life after death and we need to have a good relationship with God whatever religion we may be. The people that are trying to convince others that there isn’t a God are being blinded by dark forces that are relentless in their mission to keep us from God. Wake up to what is going on or go to Hell. You won’t like it when you get there. -Adrianne

What with all of our graft, selfishness, love of luxury and ignoring those who need truth and honesty in government, business and personal relations, the real question is: Does God still believe in us? -Patricia

Of course I believe in God! It’s incredibly important to recognize eternity, and a Savior, as truth because it brings hope and purpose to your life. More people are losing their faith in a God because they slowly give up on their beliefs as they try to become more politically correct and chose to stop standing on what they believe. It’s interesting to watch people try harder to be people-pleasers rather than God-pleasers. -Gunnar

Yes, we believe in God. He created us, He loves us, He sent His Son to die for us and opened the way for us to be part of His family by believing in His Son, Jesus Christ. Why is America turning away from belief in God? They have believed the lie that creation just happened, and we are on our own to be our own gods. -Diana

It is a fundamental problem. God has 72 names and “God” isn’t one of them.? That’s his title, imagine everything else that has been misinterpreted.?How can you teach what you don’t know. It was said that “God” is Light, and “God” is Love.? Both will warm you, or leave you cold. Both will give vision, enlightenment, or leave you blind. Both we can feel but cannot touch.? In this economic world we are so misled, we have forgotten why we live. Everything we need to live is provided, everything we make is junk, cheap entertainment to continue dumbing us down. -Stan(Post Falls)

I don’t think people have stopped believing in God or stopped having “faith”. People have become tiresome of organized religion and its many many hypocritical views. -Karen

Yes, I believe in God. It is through the strength, hope and love of knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior that I live and breathe today. As far as why fewer Americans believe in God: 1. We have taken God out of our society and institutions, therefore belief in the one true living God has waned. 2. Those of us who profess to be Christians have not always been the loving examples of Christ that we should have been. Our job is to show the world God’s love by reflecting the character of His Son, Jesus. Sometimes we have acted like we were God himself and judged others – instead of loving them into the family of God. –Peggy

I dont believe in God. I think that there are way too many religions out there. How do you know what is the right one to be in? Another thing that has given me a bad taste in my mouth is some of the elders over stepped the line from church life to my personal life, they made me feel three inches tall for missing a sunday service. –John(Spokane)

Well of course I still believe in God. After all he is our creator. Maybe Americans think they are too “cool” to believe or they just don’t have the time on their hands to give thanks and worship. -Landen(Coeur d’Alene)

Here’s a thought….maybe it s huge dose of science with a side of reality. There are more atheists out there than you think… -Pamela

While the liberals in America, led by the major News organizations, clearly want to BELIEVE that less people now believe in God, it is simply not true. While it is possible that there is less faith in organized churches, belief in God is as high as it has ever been out here in the hinterlands. Us “bitter clingers” out here also believe that God expects us to take care of ourselves…ergo the increase in gun and ammo sales. -Rick(Clarkston)

I believe in God because I have seen Him work in my life, and because I can read the Bible and see that this phenomena is not a surprise to Him. “Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? – Luke 18:8” -Lynn(Latah)

My faith is in the human race. Through out “known” history, we have survived and grown. Being an optimist, I believe we as a species will continue to thrive despite organized religion. Those “deluded” by religious fervor have always held us back because of the time and effort wasted on superstitions. However, I also believe in our constitution which promises freedom of religion. -Dave

Yes, I do definitely because when I was a child I went to church and people are getting away from it because they do not take their children to church. When a child is taken to church they never forget it. -Marcia(Fairfield)

People are turning from God for two reasons: Hard Times – People are having hard financial or relational times and they think that a loving God wouldn’t allow them to suffer like they are. Hypocrisy – People are seeing that those around them who follow God engage in the same kinds of “sin” as they do. Why should they believe in a God who’s followers act no differently and are not better people? In short, people are paying too much attention to what their experience says about God and ignoring what He says about himself in the Bible. –Will

I don’t believe that there are less “AMERICANS” that don’t believe in God. There are just ALOT more foreigners that have come to America and are practicing their homeland religions. Not to mention the amount of people that think it’s their right to deny us our beliefs by taking them away from us. -Jennifer

Sounds as though the study in question reflects a shift away from denominational religion. May well have something to do with the economic hard times, but it could reflect a matter of looking for answers in different places rather than a shift to nonbelief. -Ann(Spokane)

It is a sorry situation that the people of the United States has lost their personnal touch with our Lord and Savior, I believe and praise him daily. -Nick

My daughter was recently diagnosed with Leukemia..and I must say…it really opened my God’s presence. It is sad to me that now days in order for someone to believe or make God a part of their everyday lives a tragedy has to hit. I can tell you right now..the reason why so many people do not believe is the world has gotten Way to Materialistic. What a wonderful experience it is to be a home caring for your children..even if it means you can’t have that coach handbag. Material possessions have gotten in between humans…and God…and this is not a good thing. It really isn’t a bad thing to just slow your life down..and look around you. When you do’s a beautiful thing!!! -Stephanie

If this is true, the blame, aside from Mankind’s inherent nature, falls squarely upon the hypocritical professing Christian church. If I judged the character of God, based upon the behavior of the professing church and most of its individual members, I could be led to believe that God, if He exists at all, would be, at best, unbalanced. Fortunately, that is not how God is. –Mike

Have you seen what’s coming out of Hollywood and the activities of the stars people emulate? The same applies to the low morals of television shows. Not believing is the easy way out of facing life. -MJ

Its hard for me to say…since I lost Mark almost four years ago, my faith has deminished somewhat. Maybe after closure, I can get God back in my heart. –Lee

Our country was founded on God. Since the early 60’s, there have been fewer and fewer families that bond together. More mothers’ are working, less family time, and less time given to religion. It will continue to get worse, if the family values are not restored. Greed is one of the biggest culprits, and it starts at the top of the Industrial Era, and works down to where the normal family would be sticking together, is torn apart by the parents that have a difficult time providing for their families, in order to keep a family together. -Dave(Coeur d’Alene)

Just because you find that not so many people don’t believe in God, doesn’t mean he isn’t real. God chooses us, we don’t choose him. We believe that he is and a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Man has thinks messed up, not God. -Larry

I think by taking God out of schools less people will believe. I think by banning an open display of religion at Christmas fewer people will believe. I think we have not reminded our young people this is a Christian based country. I think everyone should believe in A God of their choice but, have morals and believe in what ever God you choose to call a higher power. –RB

Americans are gamblers! They are too much into the trappings of the world to bother with God! They do not think ahead to where they will be once they die! I will not gamble that God’s Word is wrong! -Harold(Pullman)

God has been there all the time, but in good times economically people tend to think of Him less and less. I wonder if a poll were to be taken next year how many would believe. Hard times tends to turn people back to God. -Sue(Post Falls)

Perhaps America is slowly realizing that humans don’t need to comfort themselves with fairy tales in order to live fulfilled lives. I know I don’t. I like to make my own choices in life, not be told what to do by someone who is no more qualified than I am and I certainly won’t be ordered about by an archaic novel. –Janessa

Because the older believers are dying off and the younger people have been bombarded with anti religious thoughts/propaganda in the schools, entertainment and media. Yes I still believe, I don’t care about anyone else we will find out who is right at the end of the road. -John

People not believing in God are the ones getting the attention; however, mainstream believers in God aren’t considered headline grabbers. –Rob